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A New Media Monthly
Transgressive Politics, Future Fashion,
Undiscovered Innovators & More
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A New Media Monthly
From Legendary Club Kid, DJ,
Hitmaker & Designer Larry Tee
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Your Daily Meditainment:

Be in the K(NOW):

What is Fashertainment?

FASHERTAINMENT is a new media monthly for and by the latest generation of transgressive visionaries across the worlds of fashion, music, art, culture, politics and beyond. 

Brought to you by Designer / Hitmaker Larry Tee, FASHERTAINMENT aims to create and curate content where most publications would never dare go. We will be bringing you stories, videos, interviews & more of the most current artists and disruptors both well established and yet-to-be discovered. With a multi-decade-long track record of cultural innovation and taste-making, Larry Tee hope’s to bring you the most fun, engaging, educational, heart-warming and third-eye opening new media platform! Welcome to FASHERTAINMENT.

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New York, NY – Berlin, Germany

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