Dogs in Wigs: A Tribute to Charlie le Mindu

Chihuahua Del Rey and Rupug: Charlie Le Mindu is a high styling genius and has created runway shows and clothing and accessories. His peculiar niche is clothes made from human hair. If that idea makes you skin crawl, you are not alone. His Tee shirts, and accessories are now coveted items on ebay and his career continues in Pairs, the perfect place for his creative hairstyling. He’s worked on some of the biggest names including Lana Del Rey and Miley Sirus, you rarely see that on his instagram. He’s a true child of underground art.

In Paris back in the early noughties, Charlie had some charming makeover video clips that propelled him into the attention of the fashion world and media. Though he got lots of positive initial attention there, his hairstyling infamy really started in Berlin, really, where he became notorious as a nightclub and guerilla hairstyling techniques. His move to London in the noughties led to him hosting the most outrageous runway shows ever. It was during this time that Charlie first came to Larry Tee’s attention.

“While creating an inspiration wall in my apartment near Liverpool Street Station, I found images of some Charlie le Mindu’s creations. It set my mind on fire!” Coincidentally, Le Mindu contacted Tee on a gay chat site. What started for Tee as a possible date, turned into an extreme ‘talent crush’ on Le Mindu’s aesthetic and his inspiring personality. So inspired, He wrote a song tribute to Charlie, called (wait for it), Charlie. They wanted to collaborate on something that was designed to go viral.

The talent posting went out  in London for dogs to appear in a colorfully, comic video. There were so many applicants that they chose the most outrageous, gorgeous, funny looking dogs they could find. The concept: For Charlie to dress the dogs in wigs. In the process of shooting, it became apparent that certain dogs and hairdos, looked like celebrities. Suddenly the idea of having celebrity lookalikes Like RuPug, Chihuahua Del Rey, Lady Daga, Stinky Minaj, Madogga, Katy Puggy, Perros Hilton, Kanin Kardashian, Tyra Barks, Amy Doghouse, and many others came to mind. The video still smells like dog! 

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